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Top Five Website Essentials ProspectPro clients use websites that run the gamut in design and content. Our team looked at features shared by successful clients and put together this list of Top 5 Website Essentials: Make It Clean & Simple: One well-designed page is a great place to start. Add more pages only as needed — when you have new photos, product descriptions and customer testimonials. • Post your business name, address and contact information on each page. • Break up text with photographs or graphic images. Check out Google Images or for free or nearly-free images. • Web Design For Do-It-Yourselfers: or for easy designs at nominal prices. What Do Your Customer Want to Know About You? Tell your story. Describe your products or services. Explain what is unique about your business. Use examples, like a restaurant menu, product features and photographs and special offers. Keep your site fresh with periodic updates. Motivate with a Call to Action Give people a reason to contact you or visit your location. Offer a free consultation or a special promotion. Use a “Contact Us” box to collect email addresses for your in-house mailing list. Speed: Fast, Fast and Fast You have 5 seconds to grab a consumer’s attention, so make your site easy to navigate. Website visitors will spend more time on a responsive site. Opt for the highest speeds offered by your service provider. Be Mobile Responsive Traditional websites are hard to read on a small screen, and an impatient consumer is likely to pass on hard-to-read text. Research shows 94% of smartphone users search for local information on their phones, even if a PC is readily available nearby. Partner with a web developer using the latest coding options so your site is viewable on any electronic device.