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CityTwist Announces the Release of ProspectPro

CityTwist announced today the release of ProspectPro, a customer acquisition email advertising service for the small business marketplace. Previously only large organizations had access to CityTwist’s GRID(TM) technology email delivery system, and geographically targeted database of 125 million opt-in consumers. Now with ProspectPro, CityTwist has made acquiring new customers with email advertising effective and affordable for all businesses, from the local mom and pop store to major corporate entities.

“All too often small business owners would want to use CityTwist’s existing products and services; however the cost and scale of the services we offered were just too much for a local businesses’ budget,” said Ken Schwartz, CityTwist’s CEO. “There were a lot of disappointed small business owners out there. They wanted to email advertise, but collecting email addresses from their customers was proving far too difficult, and the hidden costs of daily deal services were proving far too expensive,” added Schwartz.

Businesses have seen impressive results. One of the first to use the service, John Bentley, owner of a Planet Beach spa franchise stated, “CityTwist put together a great campaign that has, after only two deployments, netted over a 50% return. We expect more net profit with the coming deployments. CityTwist’s expertise, combined with their superior artistic design, makes for a great marketing tool.”

With ProspectPro, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, small businesses target new customers with hyper-local email advertising. Advertising campaigns are fully automated, have guaranteed delivery, and include all artwork. Best of all, businesses keep all of their profits, rather than sharing them with the advertising service provider.